Posted on: June 8, 2008 10:55 pm

Posada's Return

I know the Yankees pitching of late has been dreadful for the most part and they have escaped with a couple of wins late in the game but the team has looked a lot better offensively since Posada has returned. Damon has been on fire while Giambi and Cano have raised their averages quite a bit. Even Betemit has contributed lately. Giese looked good out there and he should take Farnsworth's or Hawkins' roster spot once Britton returns. His two plus innings of work was better than anything Farnsworth and Hawkins have contributed all season. Giese, Ohlendorf and Veras in the 6th and 7th innings, Edwar Ramirez in the 8th and Rivera in the 9th. Then add Bruney when he's healthy again (possibly in a few weeks), Albaladejo, Kennedy and maybe even Hughes when they recover. The fact that Giese shut down KC while the Yankees chipped away and then took the lead is better than the usual Farnsworth line of one inning, three hits, multiple runs, 2 walks, two strikeouts and another Yankee loss after he was handed a lead.
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